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Anya Nyx: Writer, Author, Maverick

March 7, 2013

As today is World Book Day I thought I’d tell you all about my favourite author and my wife.

Anya writes for both adults and children and has previously written poetry, plays, lyrics, articles, and short stories. Her first novel Escape from the Eleventh Dimension is now available to buy.

ImageEscape from the Eleventh Dimension

By Anya Nyx

When fourteen-year-old Tom Bell wakes from his pleasant flying dreams to discover his friend Maya standing in his bedroom in a state of panic, nothing can prepare him for the phantasmagorical day that is about to follow. Both his and Maya’s parents are missing and when the friends set off to search for them they are swept into something much bigger than they can ever imagine. UFOs, ghosts and future worlds are only the beginning as they set out on a journey through time and space and as they soon discover, it is not only their parents that need saving but the entire world! Will these friends be able to escape from the eleventh dimension and save the world in time?

Recommended age 12+
ISBN: 9781782990215
Total Pages: 342
Published: 7 December 2012
Price: £8.88
Excerpt from Escape from the Eleventh Dimension
“Excuse me, do I know you?” Tom finally asked.
The other boy wore a knitted jumper with a collared shirt underneath. His trousers were neat and looked freshly pressed. His shoes were shiny any polished. He looked Tom up and down and then he turned to Maya and spoke, “I am so sorry to have to meet you both this way.”
Maya was taken aback. The boy’s voice sounded just like Tom’s too except that he was more composed. “Why are you sorry? Who are you?” She asked.
“My name is Thomas. Tom knows me but he doesn’t know it. Do you Tom?” The boy looked at Tom solemnly. “Not to be rude but it’s not a pleasure to meet you.”
“Charming,” Maya retorted sarcastically, “Pleased to meet you too.”
“You don’t understand. It’s a bad omen. We are not supposed to meet face to face – EVER -. Doppelgangers are not meant to cross paths– we are seriously out of alignment.” Thomas said turning his head away. He lifted his watch to his ear and listened closely. He dropped his arm down and turned to look Tom straight in the eye. “Do you know what a time paradox is?”
Escape from the Eleventh Dimension can be purchased from:

What other people have said about Anya’s work:

“Written for teens but a great read for adults too. The author’s vivid descriptions bring the characters to life and draw you into their magical world(s). In addition to being a thoroughly enjoyable read, this story teaches the younger reader about empathy, loss, friendship and trust. Most of all though it’s a fast moving adventure which is hard to put down. Aliens, ghosts, talking animals and parallel universes – this book’s got the lot!” – Flossy – Amazon Reviewer

“This book is well worth the read, It keeps you coming back, couldn’t put it down.

So well writen you can loose yourself in the imagination of the Author’s word’s.

Suitable for all ages.” – – Amazon Reviewer

Anya is currently working on her next novel, Palace of the Butterfly Bird which is a psychedelic love story about a lesbian photographer. If you would like to find out more about Anya and her work (I highly recommend you do) you can find her on facebook at: or over at her blog

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