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Can we really trust the police?

March 6, 2013

A while ago (sometime before Christmas I think) I was out with the family, we were in Pizza Hut, when all of a sudden there was a commotion and a man came running through the doors followed by a group of other men chasing him. I immediately jumped to the conclusion (as most people would I presume) that this guy was in trouble and had come into the restaurant for safety, he had yes but he was being chased for a veery good reason.

As he ran into the restaurant he went and hid behind one of the waitresses and teh grup of men following him told the manager of the restaurant (at least I think it was the manager but that’s not the point here) to phone the police and not let this man leave as he had just punched a woman in teh face outside the pub and gave her a bloody nose (he was covered in blood), he didn’t deny this and went to the back of the restaurant with the anager where he called the police, the guys following him waited outside, incase he tried to leave I presume.

After hearing this I have to admit that I secretly wished the guys had caught him before he managed to reach the restaurant. Now I do not advocate violence, not at all, but after witnessing my mum go through domestic violence for a number of years when I was child I can’t find any sympathy for guys who do this (or for women who do it to men either, or in same-sex relationships) I’m not proud of wanting this guy to get a piece of his own medicine but when you’ve witnessed what I have you sometimes can’t help the way you feel, even if you know, deep down, that these feelings are wrong and that by giving this guy a beating they would be just as bad as he is.

Now, that’s not really the point of me telling you this, the point I really wanted to make was what happened after the police arrived! There were quite a few officers that turned up (i’m guessing because they had been told the perpetrator had been chased by a group who were now waiting outside the restaurant. Some stayed outside, and from what I could see, they were getting information from the chasers who I’m guessing we’re more than happy to tell the police what they knew. Two more came inside the restaurant to arrest the guyand it is what happened as they were taking him out (in handcuffs I will admit) that really prompted me to write this post.

Where we were sitting meant that they would have to walk right past us as they left the restauraunt. I couldn’t help but notice as they were leaving that the police officer who was leading the guy out was laughing and joking with him like they were best buddies (admittedly I didn’t hear what they were talking about but the officer certainly wasn’t treating him like he had just bloodied a woman’s nose) and I have to admit that that incident really made me angry! And if I’m right (this bit is just speculation though) I’ll bet he was just given a slap on the wrist and told not to do it again!

Aren’t the police supposed to be here for our protection? To protect us from violence? To make sure that people get punished properly when they have done wrong? After witnessing what the police were like when my mum was going through this I can’t say that it suprised me one bit! I recall many a time when the police were called to our house in the middle of the night and what did they do? Absolutely nothing! Told ths man to calm down, they wanted to take him away and drop him off somewhere else – and of course he wouldn’t just come straight back would he? They did take us to my nans house but not once did they arrest him even though it was absolutely clear he was the one in the wrong! Why should a woman with three young children have to leave the house and the violent drunken man be able to stay? Doesn’t seem fair does it?

We’ve also seen a lot of evidence lately, especially during the student protests, of the police not behaving very nicely, attacking and beating up innocent people. It just seems to me that the police can’t be trusted anymore. Now I’m not saying that all the police are corrupt and bad but just that I can’y say I’ve seen any evidence/had any personal experience of that lately!


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