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Will we ever be truly equal??

March 5, 2013

A few nights ago I was out with the wife in one of the many ‘gay’ pubs in London. It was fairly empty when we first went in but as the night wore on it started to get busier (it was karaoke night) and at one point during the evening I noticed that there were a lot of straight people inside the pub, I would probably say the ratio was 50-50!

Now I’m not saying that bothers me at all, in fact I am quite glad that straight people now feel it is safe for them to be in a gay bar. As long as these people are behaving themselves and are not being homophobic or causing trouble then I have no objections at all I mean we do want full equality right?  What I am saying is we have bene fighting for equality for years now and even though we are getting there slowly it sometimes seems to me that we are fighting for the straights to be equal in our world (the bars, pubs etc) but it is not so equal the other way round. I mean I wouldn’t feel comfortable (or even safe in some places) going into a lot of the straight clubs around the country: I just wouldn’t be able to be myself! I have even been turned away from a straight club before because I was wearing trousers and a shirt!

Other area’s where I’ve found this equality thing isn’t quite equal are the many pride festivals that take place every summer. Brighton is the one that sticks out in my mind a fair bit. The year before they started charging at Brighton I can’t say that I really enjoyed the park event too much. It was way overcrowded and full of drunken straight teenagers trying to cause trouble. Again, I don’t object to people who identify as being straight from attending these events but they should be there as guests of gay people only, not in big groups who are just there to have a laugh at “the gays” and treat us as if we were animals in a zoo that they can point and laugh at! Some people even went as far as to say that we should add the letter “S” to the LGBT so that it would include straights as well. Now, if we do that why bother having these pride events at all? If everyone is equal why would we need to celebrate and have these marches? That’s right, because we are not equal yet, we are far from it!

It’s the same with the so called “women-only” bars, they are not women only at all, men are allowed in as guests etc. (Just to clarify, I am not a man hater, there are many men in my life who I love dearly, and guess what? The majority of them are straight).

Is it too much to ask to have just a few spaces/events where I can totally be myself, walk around holding my wife’s hand and not have to worry about being started at or have names shouted at us as we walk past. Is it too much to ask to not have those two straight blokes sitting in the corner making lewd comments as you walk past about why all the lesbians look like men?


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