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Write a letter from your 2013 self to your 2003 self.

January 25, 2013

Saw this question somewhere I can’t remember now but thought it might be interesting to give it a go…

Write a letter from your 2013 self to your 2003 self.

Dear Amy,

I am writing this from ten years in the future.  What I am about to tell you I am fairly sure you won’t believe but trust me (I am you after all) all of this is 100 per cent true.  Right now you are looking forward to your 18th birthday and already starting to decide whether to have a party or not, don’t stress about it too much, everything goes great and you have a fantastic night, even if you get a little (ok, a lot) embarrassed at times. Ok, here goes, here’s the big news I want to tell you: you are gay! Yes, I know exactly what you’re thinking, I am you after all, that this can’t be true, that you like boys, want to get married and have children. Well, you will do this but it will be with a woman.  You will meet the most amazing woman ever, eventually fall in love with and marry her (well when I say ‘marry’ it is actually called a civil partnership – gays and lesbians can’t get married yet but that is something we are working on). It takes you a while to come to terms with and admit to yourself you have feelings for this woman but if you want my advice act on those feelings sooner, it’s going to happen anyways so why not just have more time together?  There’s no need to be worried about how the family will take it, they already know anyway and just want you to be happy (which you will be, I can promise you that). So to finish off I just want to say enjoy the next ten years (and the rest of your life) be true to your feelings and everything will work out.

Love you in 2013.


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